FREE Ebook: How to Ruthlessly Eliminate Processor Bias!

FREE Ebook: How to Ruthlessly Eliminate Processor Bias!

We’ve all been there, we understand that one processor may have better systems, smoother processes, a better demeanor, and you know that every loan will be treated with the utmost care, and therefore close faster and make you more money?

But what causes this processor bias? Why does it exist? What does one processor do so much better at a job than another? 

Download this free ebook to discover the 6 ways to finally eliminate processor bias within your mortgage branch!

  • Eliminate First In First Out Process
  • Enable Parallel Processes
  • Cloud-Based Document Management and File Naming Systems
  • Automated Task Lists
  • Management Insights and Dashboard
  • Implement an Assembly Line Philosophy


Intelligent Loan Manufacturing

Lodasoft is mortgage task automation software
designed by mortgage veterans to enhance productivity
and quality while providing structure and guidance for
all members of the process.